How To Use Utorrent ?


How To Use Utorrent ?

Utorrent is the most popular program of internet users in recent years, especially those who want to download movies from internet. Thanks to its practical installation and fast file downloading features, uTorrent is an extremely easy to use utility. However, those who have never used this program before are somewhat confused.

What To Look For When Using Utorrent ?

After downloading Utorrent to your computer, the program will automatically open automatically. The interface emerges after this opening. Since you have not downloaded any files in the first stage in this interface, it will appear blank. To start downloading, you need to find a file you want to download by entering the torrent sites on the internet. You can reach hundreds of torrent sources with a little navigation on Google.

After you find the torrent file you want to download the system, you must first download them to your computer. The download process is completed. The file when you double-click utorrent will reopen. Opened in the interface of “save” you will see the phrase. To download the torrent file, you need to enable it. After making this determination, “OK” you can start the download option.

After downloading the file to your computer, download the file via Torrent at what stage of the process you can follow. The whole process is so normal utorrent settings the “default settings” you can specify the settings you want as if you can do so via.

You’re in the section tracking the status of the download process, you can view all of the files while it is being downloaded or completed. The download section at the top of this, three basic button you will see. The buttons thanks to this, you can begin the download process, downloading of the file may stop downloading, or downloaded on your computer and deleting the files that you find unnecessary, you can send it to the Recycle Bin. After the download is complete, the downloaded files “open files by clicking on” open it and you can use it.


The Concepts That Need To Be Known When Using Utorrent ?

When downloading torrent files, there are some basic phrases you should know. Seed is one of these expressions. This term, in the sense of partners, shows the people who have the file you want to download. Peer expression means spouses. It shows the people who have only a part of the file you want to download.

Leecher refers to torrent users who have the file you want to download, but avoid sharing it. These users are not very welcome in the torrent environment and if they continue to share files, they will be banned by the program after a while.

How to delete utorrent acceleration program ?

If you are not satisfied with the speed of the Utorrent program, you can change your speed by speeding up uTorrent. Once you have opened the program to do so, it is very easy to navigate through the options and preferences sections. After entering the Preferences section, you need to change the port value you have from the “Connection” tab on the left side of the window that opens up to 45682. You will also need to set the speed value to 10 from the bandwidth section. However, the maximum number of connections should be changed to 200 and the contents of the values in the following lower part are to be 1890 and 14 respectively. Once you have made all of these changes, the speed value will increase when you click on the “apply” button at the bottom.

You also need to know some methods to completely remove Utorrent from your computer. Because the answer to the question of how to delete uTorrent is not provided by the computer’s control panel, as it is in other programs. To completely remove utorrent, a program that can not always be removed with the “delete program” option on the control panel, the “run” menu must be opened by pressing the R key together with the Windows key on the keyboard. After you type “regedit” in the space to be opened, you will need to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry to be opened. You will see the Unistall part after this process. You can uninstall the program completely in a few minutes.

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