What is Utorrent ?


What is Utorrent ?

What is Utorrent? If you are wondering about the question answer, you will be able to clearly understand the answer in this article. Utorrent comes out as a download protocol.

What are the features of Utorrent?

The most important difference between Utrorrent and normal download is that it allows downloading at much higher speeds. Another important feature of the program is that even if the computer is turned on and off, it allows the downloading to continue where you left off if you open the program again. This feature gives the user a great advantage in downloading very large files and downloading time-consuming files.

UTorrent Installation?


The first thing you need to do to install Utorrent on a computer is to login to this program’s website, utorrent. When you log in to the site you will get dowload or download button in Turkish. To start the download process, you can start downloading the setup file of the program to your computer by clicking the “Download” button. Once the setup file has been downloaded to the computer, follow the installation steps in the program on a regular program.

Using Utorrent StartUp Process ?

The completed program starts to work automatically. But if it does not start to work, open the program by clicking on it yourself. When the program is opened, the opposite window appears. This means that the program is now available. You can close the program at any time. However, even though you have closed the program, the pop-up window will be closed, but the program will still be in the background. The program’s logos will be visible in the system tray.

You can easily open the program at any time. When you decide to download something, you need to find the torrent file of the thing you plan to download. There are many internet sites that can download torrents. However, one of the best sites to download torrents is The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay website is a torrent search engine. If you can not get into the Pirate Bay torrent site, you can use another torrent search engine. You should try to download torrent files that are as popular as possible from the torrent engine. Otherwise, downloading files that are not demanded will be very difficult. The Pirate Bay search engine requires you to click on the Start Search button by typing whatever you want to download. Many torrent files related to the thing you want to download will be rejected. In such a situation there will be a lot of torrents showing the file you want. When choosing between torrent files, the most important criterion for you is the Peer number and the Source number. If you have a large number of titles for the file you are looking at, it is possible to make a sort of sorting of the torrents by clicking on the headline and sorting the torrents by the number of peers before you decide on the file. Read More